Sunday, 18 January 2009

Stardust - guest review by chris and dan

We didnt care for this film, the special effects looked like 2003 Doctor Who and the locations and everything was too fake except for the people, who were a handsomely assembled cast. This was the film's only strength. Deniro pulled through by acting gay and funny. It was like walking in on your dad snogging the mirror and murmuring the name of his closest colleague, funny but uncomfortable. Adam Buxton looked funny with long hair and a wispy beard though, we like him.

If the De Niro bits were compiled together into a short film it would be a lot better than this film. "Have you ever tried to get blood stains out of a silk shirt? HELLOOOO?" This was a good.



  1. I totally liked this movie. I thought it was witty and funny for a fantasy movie and I don't usually like fantasy movies. But as a Deniro film, I’m still on the fence. His performance was definitely funny (to a certain degree) and I know it was supposed to be exaggerated and but still…he just seem so odd for the part. It was very difficult for me to watch him try so hard to be gay. The scene with him the shoes and pink EVERYWHERE was just too much for me…I think that that scene made me totally forget that he starred in this movie.

  2. "of all the comments we could possibly get, this would be the best one" - chris and dan