Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Everybody's Fine

"Everybody's Dead" should be the title of this film because this is the most depressing movie in the world. Why the poster looks like it is the feel-good Christmas movie of the year, I do not know.

There is a part where a drug addict steals tries to steal all of De Niro's money and then crushes his medication, and De Niro has to salvage and take the crushed pills off the floor because he's miles from home. De Niro wants to see all his children, but no one wants to see him even though their mom is dead.

Drew Barrymore has a secret hidden baby and and Kate Beckinsale is having an affair with her co-worker. None of them want to tell De Niro that his son/their brother died from a drug overdose in Mexico - not even Sam Rockwell, who plays a failed orchestra conductor.