Friday, 16 January 2009

Taxi Driver

I'll start with everybody's favourite, Taxi Driver, because so far, it's my favourite too. You may think I like it because I secretly share Travis' extreme morals of twisted justice and you may be right.

But only half right. While some people believe the ending didn't really happen, that it's just a fantasy of what was in Travis' head - I like to believe they are completely wrong. Killing pimps and saving a child prostitutes: a hero in my eyes.

De Niro's performance is spot on. Is he crazy? A murderer? Or just a lonely guy looking for human connection? I think he successfully portrays all of the above, depending on who you ask.

Me? I would probably date Travis Bickle, I mean, he's a pretty stand up guy apart from the trying to kill Senator Palantine thing, and possibly the taking Betsy to the porno theatre thing. But this is coming from the girl who plans to watch every single De Niro film ever made - not exactly the most unbiased opinion out there.

But don't worry, this isn't some sort of hero worship blog. Some of his movies were pretty crap (Yes you, Righteous Kill, the biggest letdown of all time) and I am prepared to give you my two cents - however nonsensical it may be.

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