Saturday, 17 January 2009

Raging Bull

This film was okay, I was expecting better. Maybe it was because Jake LaMotta seemed to have no redeeming qualities about him, but I guess that was the point. De Niro's performance of a paranoid wife beating cheat was top notch.

This movie shows the first pairing of De Niro with Joe Pesci, which is always great to watch. Pesci is pretty underrated if you ask me. When you start typing "Joe Pes" into your google search bar, the first name that shows up on auto-fill is someone called "Joe Pass." He is one of the few actors with the ability to be funny and absolutely terrifying. I know I wouldn't want to give him a baseball bat.

The part of the movie that made you want to punch LaMotta in the face the most was when he accused Vicki of cheating on him with his brother. He basically punches her into unconsciousness.

Cathy Moriarty was beautiful in this, but Vicki was supposed to be 14 when she met LaMotta, and I don't know many 14-year-olds that look like that.

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