Friday, 16 January 2009


This movie made me want to punch Kevin Bacon in the face. It wasn't actually very good, and I don't really know any priests like Father Bobby either. I do know one that doesn't mind a drink or two at family parties, and is known to sing songs to my embarrassed younger cousin going for second rounds at the buffet table. I also drew a portrait of a priest once - he seemed friendly enough - but he was no Father Bobby.

I think you must be pretty unlucky to kill someone with a hot dog cart. It's probably worse luck for the person who actually dies by being crushed by one. For me, the best part was when Father Bobby had to testify for the men that killed pedophile rapist, Kevin Bacon.

It was also pretty satisfying to see Kevin Bacon die in the restaurant, but then we find out Tommy and John return to their lives of murderous crime, so it's not clean-cut sweet justified revenge, as I like it served.

Also, why is Minnie Driver's character in love with everyone?

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