Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Last Tycoon

This movie, based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald was pretty great, but I just couldn't get into Ingrid Boulting's face. It was just wider than it was tall, kind of like Hey Arnold, but beautiful in a model sort of way. Anyway, I preferred Theresa Russell's character even though De Niro was so into Boulting because she was a dead ringer for his dead wife - creepy.

Anyway, I really wanted De Niro to get into Cecilia - I mean, look how cute she was: But it doesn't really happen. There is, however, a great scene between De Niro and Jack Nicholson...their only film scene together (ever!) involving De Niro taking a punch in the face.

De Niro is on top of his game in this film - delivering monologues that could've gone horribly wrong if played by any other actor.

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