Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Falling in Love

Today I lost my phone, so decided I needed to indulge myself in a cliched romance film. Everything about this movie was a cliche - apart from the fact that the blossoming romance is between two people who are already married, but not to each other. De Niro is married to Malcolm in the Middle's mom:

I usually hate movies involving cheating, and never root for cheaters, but what can I say, my love for Bobby and Meryl runs deep.

De Niro is looking pretty dapper in this film, and Meryl is stunning as always, but with an awful eighties haircut that looks like a feathered mullet.

If only life happened this way: meeting on a train by accident, literally bumping into each other causing the contents shopping bags to disperse to the floor, only to realize at home that you accidentally acquired his/her purchase by mistake. Accidentally meeting on a train again, then accidentally meeting at the book store where the contents of your bags flew out. Culminating in an accidental train meeting again (again); this time, with the both of you ready to commit your love. Sounds like my cringeworthy high school harmless-stalker days, minus the "accidental" and a restraining order in place of the happy ending. Only kidding.

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