Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bang the Drum Slowly

In the book, "Al Pacino: In Conversation with Lawrence Grobel," it says that "Bang the Drum Slowly" is Pacino's favourite movie. I am sure he was joking because this couldn't be anyone's favourite movie.

De Niro plays a terminally ill baseball player, who tries to conceal his illness from his team through elaborate lying - aided by his best friend and team mate, Moriarty.

First, the whole baseball team is really mean to De Niro. Two guys ask De Niro for his height and when he responds, they tell him that they didn't know piles of shit were made that high.

There's a part where De Niro is reading some sort of book and Moriarty says, "What are you reading?" Then De Niro says, "You wouldn't believe it, but about a woman falling in love with Dracula."

The way I'm suddenly changing topics is as abrupt as that scene was cut. Also, I'm not sure if I really cared that De Niro was dying. At worst, he was a man with overactive sweat glands and a slight limp.

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